This website is built using two fonts: one with serifs, one without.

The serifed font is called ET Book. It's a webfont based on the typeface used by Edward Tufte in his digitally released books. The font's connection to books is what made me want to use it to typeset my writing.

The sans serif font is Inter by Rasmus Andersson. Inter is one of the world's most used typefaces with applications ranging from computer interfaces, airports, to NASA instrumentation. Inter's wide applicability is why I love it so much. It never fails to look out of place!


This website is built using Next.js, an open-source web framework to help build React-based applications. All the source code is written using Typescript, and styles have been set up using Tailwind. To bring it all together, the website has been deployed onto the world wide web using Vercel.

Nothing super fancy here in terms of the tech stack; just stuff that work well together reliably. The site-wide music player you may or may not have used (scroll to the top!), is probably the fanciest bit of tech on the whole site. It has been implemented using the Spotify + YouTube APIs to gather data, and ytdl to perform audio playback.

Style guide

I’m noting a few sitewide preferences here, mostly for myself:

  • Phrases following a colon are almost never capitalized. Yes, even full sentences: this is my website, innit?

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